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J Moser:

A great story about Paulonia (my favorite tree)

Originally posted on Parks and Gardens UK:

David Marsh May 2015 David Marsh
May 2015

My paulownia is in flower. Before you yawn too obviously, at a gardening bore droning on about their favourite plant of the moment, just ask yourself  if you’ve ever seen one in blossom yourself? If not – and you’d definitely remember if you had – then you have missed one of the great marvels of the world of trees.  It is simply spectacular at this time of year looking up and seeing the soft purple trumpet flowers against a brilliant blue sky.

Read on to find out more about the history and uses of this extraordinary tree….

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High at Work


This week I had the pleasure of working at the Virginia War Memorial, where I hung a scale model B-25 from the 22′ high ceiling.

Image and Poem – One Picture, One Line

Charlotte shows restraint.


A Quick Walk Before Dinner


Sunset at Bryan Park – 2-16-15

Alternate title: Procrastination on a Snowy Evening


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