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Seasonal – Harvest Rootball

The MIRA project is just about nine months old, as the harvest moon shines in the sky. I’ve been at this long enough that now it’s possible to observe the seasonal phases of individual rootballs. The picture above was taken on July 5th, while the one below was taken on February 4th.

In addition to advancing the general taxonomy of my local rootballs, this gives me a chance to see how the MIRA process has evolved over time. These days, I’m using multiple renderings of the image that are blended by hand into the final image. New discoveries of sharpening and noise reduction techniques are now making the images super sharp in places, transitioning to super blurry in other areas, without the obvious blur techniques I often see in other “art” photos. The new sharpening and noise reduction makes an image that is obviously modified but the noise reduction techniques turn the over-sharpened areas into pure butter! An interesting accident with this post is that the subject rootball is the same one featured in an earlier discussion of technique: https://boatdog.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/process-pleasure/


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