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Cyclopean Towers

These photos are from a little side trip I took while returning home from West Virginia on August 23rd. These days this place is called Natural Chimneys Regional Park, but I prefer some of the historical names it has been known by in the past, such as “Vulcan’s Forge” and the “Cyclopean Towers.”

The park is pretty tacky, and they even put a big message board sign right in front of the chimneys. I photoshopped the  sign out of the picture above.

If you walk around the park a bit, you can find some smaller chimneys that have not been subjected to the fencing, signing or landscaping that detract from the big chimneys.

…and along the park trails, I even found some of the usual suspects lurking about.

The tacky park development does have some charm. There’s even an un-natural chimney that provides contrast to the natural ones.

…and the site has one of the nicest entry signs I’ve seen.


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