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Gain, No Pain

I was feeling pretty lousy this afternoon after a long weekend of late night work sessions that culminated in a client meeting this morning. Looking back on it, I realize that I’ve had much more taxing work marathons before and many more difficult meetings / presentations to get through. But, even so, I was feeling pretty worn down this afternoon when I finally got free of the pressure for the first time in several days.

Work marathons, these days, are punctuated by mandatory dog walks, and I think they may be saving me. This weekend, I took the camera along.

On Saturday’s afternoon walk, Weezie and I went to a new section of Bryan Park where we discovered one of the greatest root balls yet.

The color and texture variations in this one are really rich, possibly because this one is way down in the creek bottom, where it stays pretty wet all the time.

But I was talking about pain and gain… Today I had a pretty vivid experience of feeling really lousy as we headed out into the park. Even after a mile of walking I was still feeling pretty worn out (the walking usually brings me around). But, every time I’d stop to make photographs, I forgot all about how I was feeling as the fascination with the imaging process took over.

Especially now that my process includes real-time imaging of the mirror effect, I tend to get totally absorbed and transformed while I’m taking the pictures.

I’ve heard art critics weigh in negatively on the idea of art as therapy, but when I can shed my pain just by pointing a camera at a mud ball and end up with pretty pictures (well, “pretty” might not be the right word) at the end of it, I call that gain without pain.


3 responses

  1. O3

    Arthur has mentioned he has made a preset to do this, not sure using what app or software. From scratch doesn’t take me all that long and framing while I’m shooting it gives the mystery of what you think you may get is half the fun.

    March 6, 2012 at 3:01 pm

  2. J Moser

    I could automate almost the whole process in Photoshop, but I like to do fine tuning along the way and have gotten to using key stokes that are part of my muscle memory now. So the whole thing goes pretty fast once I have the image open in Photoshop. I actually spend more time setting the colors and levels in Camera Raw than I do processing the image in Photoshop. I do like the mystery aspect, but I like the experience of seeing it while I’m photographing it more. I’m going to be building some mirror attachments for my camera soon. Have to get a custom tripod built for a client before I can do that though. 🙂

    March 6, 2012 at 3:38 pm

  3. Roheenie

    Just keep shooting.

    March 17, 2012 at 3:45 pm

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