Welcome to John Moser's Image Workshop / Playground

Creature Discomfort

Work kept me away from making these pictures for the last few days and I was surprised at how much I was craving this experience. I was in a state of discomfort and I know that discomfort is an agent of change. I learned a long time ago that you can change yourself by consciously and methodically picturing a future self that has qualities you want to have or success you want to have. If you paint the picture of your future self well enough, you eventually become uncomfortable with the way things are and change happens, almost automatically. The odd thing about the experience I’m having with the MIRA imaging project is that the imaging process is happening in my mind even when I’m not doing it and now I’m feeling a distinct discomfort when I have to keep myself from it. Wait, this sounds more like addiction all of a sudden! Anyway, at least I got back to it today, finally.


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