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MIRA needs a new APP…

…or maybe a lens. Yesterday I found a phone app called “Camera Sutra,” that I used to make these pictures. The leap forward with this app is that you can see what the picture will look like as you are taking the photo. Until now, I’ve been taking pictures, imagining what the resulting image will look like, but not really knowing until some processing was either done in the application or back home in Photoshop.

I knew about Apple’s “Photo Booth” software that allows real time, what-you-see-is-what-you-get photography, with a number of effects, including mirroring, but that app is only available on larger devices that are inconvenient to carry around. So, finding “Camera Sutra” was great, but it leaves a lot to be desired – really low res output – no video capability.

So MIRA is officially looking for someone to develop an app that will allow for real time, WYSIWYG imaging that has video and still imaging capabilities, effects overlays, and output at the highest resolution offered by the hardware device. Even better would be a very high quality fast lens for a Canon EF or EFS mount with a built in mirror to split the image. F2.8, zoom and image stabilization would be good too. Now get to work!


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