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Root Ball Tourism, Part 2

Work took me to Prince George Courthouse for a meeting today. Besides being the location of one of my clients, Prince George is home to the Coppahunk Swamp, so I planned to spend some time after the meeting looking around the swamp for root balls. I’ve spent right much time driving around Virginia for various jobs I’ve had, and can chart the evolution of my outdoor interests by the things I’ve looked for over the years while driving. I used to look for whitewater streams, then fishing holes, then Pawlonia trees, then geologic formations and now, root balls. Today, I spied a good one:

This beauty was just off route 106, about 1/4 mile north of route 460, and this thing is 12 feet high if it’s an inch! Before I left the house, I threw a pair of hiking boots into the truck, but I had not brought a change of clothes. So, after I pulled off the road into an elementary school parking lot, I walked across the road, past the no trespassing signs and into the swamp, wearing my blue blazer and pink button-down shirt. The lighting was all wrong, and getting to the back side of the root ball (where the action is) required slogging through some mud and many briars. But I got a couple of good shots and I think the blue blazer came through the briar patch OK.


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