Welcome to John Moser's Image Workshop / Playground

Roots of the Movement

This picture, previously unpublished, comes for the early days of the movement (7 days ago). It uses quadrilaterial symmetry instead of just a single mirror reflection (bilateral). To me, this is less anthropomorphic than the other images, but just as compelling.

This touches on my interest in geometry in a unique way. I think it may be the combination of simple Euclidian bisections and reflections with the turbulent, Fractal geometry of nature that makes it work. Going in this direction associates the movement more with Origami, a world of incredible complexity, populated by extraordinary masters of the art. M.I.R.A. is to origami as Pre-Cambrian Eukaryotic organisms are to Homo Sapiens.

The roots of our simple movement lie in basic geometry and we are humbled by the accomplishments of others who make really extraordinary things. Never-the-less, we will carry on! If you want to see a GREAT film about Origami, I encourage you to check out a movie called “Between the Folds.” I watched it streaming on Netflix, but I think it airs occasionally on PBS. Onward!


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