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Pamunkey River on a Friday

Nearly twelve years ago, I left a fairly secure day job and became self employed. There were many good reasons for this move. Though not a deciding factor, one of the reasons was to  escape the 8:30-5, five day a week, two weeks vacation a year grind. I had a particular motivation to be able to occasionally go on a fishing trip on a weekday, so I could enjoy fishing in solitude while everybody else was working for the weekend.

In truth, I understood that self-employment might keep me too busy to indulge in the luxury of many mid week fishing trips.  …and in fact, as the notion of self employment grew into reality, I found myself working 7 days a week very often and fishing less and less. I’m not complaining because there have been great rewards from self employment. But my time for fishing has diminished significantly and I have missed it. So, almost twelve years since incorporating, I actually went for my first weekday fishing trip last Friday.

It was a new moon, on a cool, overcast morning that would blend into a hot sunny afternoon. The time of year was right for huge striped bass to be in the upper sections of the Pamunkey River. We didn’t catch any stripers, but were content with a dozen or so spotted bass and three or four smallmouth. I also got to photo document some geological formations on this trip and collect a few specimens for the rock collection. All in all it was a great day. Finally!


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