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First real canoe adventure in a long time

View of Dog Island, on the James River,  just upstream from Howardsville, Virginia. This was my first real canoe trip in over two years. I was fishing in a smallmouth bass tournament with my fishing club, but also had photography and rock collecting on my agenda. The fishing was slow, but the rest worked out very well.

The rocks that I see mostly in Virginia are igneous or metamorphic. In Richmond, for example, the James River flows through a granite basin. But as the James passes through the Howardsville area, the rocks look different. This part of the river passes through an area where sedimentary rocks from the Triassic and Jurassic  are exposed.

I’m hoping to be able to properly identify these rocks soon… They appear to be a conglomerate or breccia type – many chunks of different types of rocks cast together in a matrix of finer rock. Any real geologists out there are invited to help me figure this out!


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