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Another pano from Joshua Tree – 2006

On the rare occasions when I travel by air, I do my best to look presentable, so as not to embarrass my dead or living relatives who may be traveling with me. You see a lot of people on airplanes that look like they’re dressed to mow the lawn. That’s not me. So  I was well dressed that day when the plane landed at Ronald Reagan Airport in Orange County, California. On arrival after the long flight,  I fully expected that my traveling companions would want to go straight to the hotel, relax a bit, and maybe change into some comfortable southern California clothes.

I was surprised when we got our rental car and drove right past the hotel, then headed out onto “the ten” for points unknown. One of our party was an avid birdwatcher, and so, much to my surprise, 2 hours later, there we were,  standing in some scrub brush in a regional park discussing the scarlet tanager he had just spotted. From there, we drove about another hour to Joshua Tree National Park, where I found myself out standing in a desert, in my fine black Italian leather dress shoes. I did manage to remove my sport jacket before shooting photos for the panorama pictured here. I did not see my hotel room until late that night, but that’s OK. When will I ever get to see Joshua Tree again?


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