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Jordan’s Branch

I took the photos for this image the other day on the edge of Bryan Park, where the Jordan’s Branch stream runs. The origins of Jordan’s Branch are in the rail yards, dumps, and storm sewers of the near west end of Richmond, plus Interstate 64 runs right alongside the stream. The net effect is that this is a very polluted stream. But in my immediate urban area, it’s also one of the more secluded and oddly beautiful places. This section of the stream is mostly unused by the people who use Bryan Park, and it runs about 20 feet or more below the grade of the interstate, so that, if you were to put earplugs in to stifle the squeal of sirens and the buzz of truck tires from the adjacent highway, you might be able to achieve some form of solitude and reverie in this place. I take my dog walking here often. After we struggle our way through poison ivy beds and spiderwebs, we are rewarded with this place, where the sand of the beach is mixed with litter and the water looks like some kind of oily cocktail. My dog drinks the stuff like tea.


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